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Hiring Before Blue Boardwalk

The costs incurred to hire qualified developers can be enormous: paying recruiters, spending countless hours sorting through resumes and many more hours interviewing candidates. Many candidate-searches still come up empty handed.

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The Blue Boardwalk Solution

We believe that all modern companies depend on software solutions and to build a top team, they need a modern hiring solution. Blue Boardwalk can deliver the top freelance developers you need with no upfront costs and no risk.


We do the heavy lifting for you

  • High Quality - our freelance developers are always screened and qualified

  • Low Risk - there are no upfront costs and no termination costs

  • Quick - our customers usually find a developer within 2 or 3 weeks

  • Flexible - our freelance developers can work full-time, part-time or hourly, they can join existing teams or work independently

  • Scalable - we enable companies to easily scale up and down their development team

  • Solutions - Team augmentation, End-to-end solutions, consulting, design, auditing and reviews

  • Languages - React, Angular, Express.js, Node, Javascript, Django, Python, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, GCP …

We guarantee our developers will immediately make a positive impact on your team. So much so, that if you aren’t satisfied with the developers that join your team, you won’t be charged for anything.